“French Kiss” in French



For centuries, there’s been no official French word for the sloppy Gallic export “to French kiss” — though that certainly hasn’t stopped any citizen from doing so.

Now this oversight has been finally rectified. The one term verb “galocher” – is one of the new entries added into Le Petit Robert 2014 dictionary.

Laurence Laporte of the Robert Publishing house says “We always had many expressions to describe ‘French-kissing,’ like ‘kissing at length in the mouth,’ but it’s true, we’ve never had one single word”.

The term “French kiss” — once also called a “Florentine kiss” — is popularly considered to have been brought back to the English-speaking world by soldiers returning from Europe after World War I. At the time, the French had a reputation for more adventurous sexual practices.

The term “galoche” was a slang term that has been around for a while which means “ice skating boot /cheap old shoes”.

However Canadian French speaking people have been using the verb “frencher” for “to French kiss”. Also, many native people have stated that they have been using the verb “se rouler une pelle/un patin” for the same for ages.

Whatever be the verb, it still doesn’t change the intention behind the question: Voulez-vous galocher avec moi?


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